Our Story

Bully Fit is a fitness apparel line based out of Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2016. We didn’t always have a clear vision of where Bully Fit would go but we always knew we wanted to use our platform to motivate. 

Bully Fit represents pushing your limits and becoming your best self. When you wear our pieces, we want you to feel like your apart of something bigger than just a clothing line, this a family, we are a community.  When you wear our logo, we want you to feel empowered. You’re taking the steps to becoming the best version of you and there are no limits.

We are strong believers in investing in yourself amongst anything else, be confident in everything you do. Set a goal and believe you can achieve that goal, even when all odds are against you. No matter what shape or size you are Bully Fit represents equality and like us, you too are unstoppable.